Technology Advisory

Technology Strategies That Transform Businesses

The Technology Advisory team at Clearview supports organizations of all sizes through the full life-cycle of technology needs. We can help create a short and long-term technology action plan based on your organizational and operational goals; help you plan, execute and support critical technology projects; and provide ongoing IT maintenance and support so you can focus on your core business. We take into consideration important planning details like your budget, your projections for growth, the needs of your customers and employees, and the strategic goals of your organization. Our IT Advisors use their deep business acumen combined with technical expertise to assess your current technology infrastructure and provide actionable recommendations that align with your organization’s mission, business goals, and current technology stack.

Technology Roadmap & Strategic Planning

At Clearview we use road mapping to help our customers align their clients business goals, exploit emerging technology, manage legacy assets, and improve foundational infrastructure. When technology road mapping is done very well, it helps IT contribute more directly in some aspects of the overall organizations strategic planning. By participating more actively in organizational planning – or at least by using the roadmap to manage business perceptions and expectations of IT more effectively – IT leaders can mitigate much of the uncertainty that poses challenges in the road mapping process.

Process Improvement

Most organizations processes have never truly been designed and engineered, rather they are more organically crafted via an evolutionary process of taking what has worked in the past and adjusting it to meet today’s needs. Those who were initially responsible for their implementation are often no longer around as these processes have endured for years. Therefore, knowledge of why a process still exists in its current state is often anecdotal – and usually inaccurate. This also means that business processes at the heart of an organization drive activities that often dominate the operational costs and budget year after year, without any real understanding of what you are for what you spend.

Program and Project Management

Clearview can provide both program and project management services that fit your needs, from running a traditional Project Management Office (PMO); to supporting daily operations including project schedules, business processes, budgets, staffing, and administrative functions

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Your data is both your most important asset and your biggest liability. You have invaluable, irreplaceable information about your employees, your customers, and your projects which you need access to at any given moment; information that is constantly being changed and updated. We can help assess your data security position and provide immediate recommendations to reduce the likelihood of data loss or breach and ensure rapid recovery and minimal downtime should an event occur.

Vendor Management

In today’s business environment, their technology ecosystem involves solutions that incorporate multiple technologies and vendors. We have recognized that our clients need a technology vendor management service that works with third-party vendors to reduce their bottom-line expenses and determine which technology supplier’s best suit their needs.

Clearview Tech Advisory acts as your single point of contact for any vendor management needs, efficiently solving any issues or concerns. We take an inventory of all of IT assets, including serial numbers, warranties, registrations, licenses, and configurations. We document all this information for easy access within our platform, so our team can determine who to call if there’s an issue. You benefit from having a knowledgeable IT partner that evaluates solutions and negotiates with vendors, ensuring you get the best services and pricing possible.