Construction Audit: A Self-Funded Approach to Recovering Over-Billed Costs While Ensuring Contract Compliance

One of the largest capital expenditures a company can incur is through the expansion of an organization’s overall footprint. 是否涉及新办公室的开发, 仓库, 或生产/生产设施, 每一个建设项目, 无论大小或类型, 是否有相当大的财务承诺和重大的风险.

最初, 在瞄准构建项目的总体预期目标之后, the General Contractor (GC) selection process begins and typically entails extended discovery and vetting processes. GC的角色是确保作业的作用域是正确的, 对成本和假设进行全面审查,并就项目的具体计划达成一致. 然而, 一旦一个广泛的项目正在进行, the reliance on the GC to manage the overall project without oversight is not always practical and can often pose a considerable amount of risk for the Client. These risks can be classified as both financial and non-financial and are typically related to cost overruns, 分包决定和各种担保和保险要求.

为了减轻这些风险, third-party oversight almost always proves beneficial to ensure that proper monitoring is in place to best manage complex projects and also to avoid financial leakage. 是否提前部署了这一疏忽, 在项目期间或之后, 新万博app下载 is poised to assist your organization through the full life cycle of the construction process by implementing a comprehensive Construction Audit program that possesses the following strategies:


Our consultants will work with you to identify all risks that may be associated with your upcoming or current construction project through a program assessment while leveraging 新万博app下载’s proprietary Construction Audit methodology. 通过这个评估, project management processes are reviewed and detailed in order to identify any potential high-risk areas that may affect the overall job. 拥有十多年的建筑审计工作经验, our team will work with the GC’s job specific Project Manager (PM) to provide valuable insights and identify any gaps against best practices that may mitigate any financial or non-financial project related liabilities. 这些见解有助于清楚地定义职责, 识别重大风险区域, 配合适当的控制措施,确保当前和未来项目的成功. 另外, we can identify any contract gaps to ensure template agreements are in line with industry best practices and provide you with a framework moving forward.


由于建设项目的交易数量多,会计核算复杂, 在建筑行业,成本超支和财务泄漏的情况并不少见. 当不允许的费用包括在发票上时,这些意外发生的费用就会产生, 处理潜在的重复支付, unauthorized travel or 每及补助费 are submitted or undisclosed mark-ups and/or costs have been misclassified. Change orders specifically account for a large portion of this financial leakage and are very prevalent in large-scale construction projects as general contractors may attempt to inflate overall costs and fees associated with the project, or convince the client their original intentions are outside of the scope of the initial agreement. Work resulting from a change order can significantly alter the original contract amounts and are frequently inaccurate and can include base contract redundancies.

通过我们彻底的建设审计, Clearview will provide in-depth analysis of costs billed to the project against contract terms and conditions to identify issues either prior to or following final invoicing. The timing of the audit can either reduce liabilities on upcoming invoices or help to recover amounts previously paid. 我们项目的成本回收部分是基于或有费用的基础上进行的, 因此, 如果Clearview没有发现供应商欠你的任何超额付款, 没有成本.


新万博app下载’s comprehensive Construction Audit process can be completed simultaneously with the construction timeline and throughout completion. An ongoing monitoring process provides the ability to further assess critical areas of risk that include cost allocations, 更改订单实现, 材料替换和项目付款. This monitoring provides notice to the GC that project specifics will be monitored throughout the duration of the project for compliance and often leads to more accurate record keeping and monitoring by the GC.


新万博app下载’s specialists were engaged by a recent Client to perform a Construction Audit of their long-standing GC for a project that had experienced large project overruns. Our team was able to identify billing exceptions and secure cost savings totaling $1 million in all areas of the project including over-billed labor, 每及补助费, 不正确的税收, 费用计算错误. Our team also identified key terms and conditions that were not included in our Client’s master agreement template and provide suggestions for improvement in alignment with industry best practices.


While a significant amount of high-level monitoring is done through a dedicated PM on behalf of the GC, an outsourced audit partner may be paramount to ensure one of your biggest investments is completed to your expectations and within or better than budgeted. An on-going audit program can provide a breadth of opportunities from both a financial and operational perspective. 有一个流线型的, efficient approach for identifying and monitoring areas of risk through the construction project process allows for increased focus on other strategic initiatives that support long-term success.


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